WMSoc Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme

The WMSoc have produced a CPD Recognition Scheme which will allow companies and individuals the right to use the WMSoc CPD logo to badge some of their events.

The WMSoc wishes to raise the standards of water management in all sectors but especially in the service provider, industrial and commercial areas. One way the WMSoc hope to achieve this is by encouraging all participants in the industry to improve their knowledge and ability throughout their careers.

Allowing companies to use the WMSoc CPD logo to badge events will hopefully raise the profile of the event, making it more attractive to customers, the delegates and participants, and will encourage people to actively participate in CPD schemes. Its use will also raise the profile of your company in the eyes of your customers, the public and the authorities.

The benefits for the individual are that they will have a more structured approach to learning and career development; be able to show to their employer that they are serious about their duties; enhance promotion prospects; can use their CPD record to prove to professional organisations (such as WMSoc) that they are worthy of consideration as members.

How does my company get permission to use the WMS CPD logo?

In order to gain authorisation for use of our CDP logo your event/activity must not be totally commercial and must include educational content. E.g. Giving instruction on a piece of equipment supplied by your company is acceptable as this has a learning aspect. To apply to use this scheme please download and complete the WMS CPD application form below and return along with an agenda or outline of your event.

Download WMS CPD Application Form

The details provided will then be checked by the WMS and further details will be requested if required.
Upon acceptance of the application an invoice will be raised which must be paid in full prior to the event delivery.
Once payment is received the WMS will provide the unique CPD logo which can be used in all communications regarding your event, and should also be supplied to all attendees on any certificates provided. This logo and unique event number should be quoted by your attendees in their CPD record.

Please note: The Water Management Society reserves the right to attend any of the scheduled events, and should be given joining instructions free of charge upon request.

Full terms and conditions of this scheme can be found here.