Qualifying in Water Management just got easier with the WMSoc

The WMSoc is pleased to announce the creation of our qualification routes. These provide easy to follow pathways for people within the Water Management Industry to ensure high quality training covering all elements of a given job role and thus to improve standards for their clients.

These WMSoc Cert qualification routes ensure comprehensive and relevant training, covering all aspects of a given job role. These qualifications will confirm to clients the commitment of those completing the full syllabus.

The CertWMSoc Pathways:

Water Treatment Qualification Route

Ideal for service technicians and engineers dealing with the routine monitoring of water systems. Including as standard an understanding of temperature monitoring and cleaning & disinfection techniques and of course a basic knowledge of Legionella, water microbiology and legal requirements this is a practical based qualification pathway. The water treatment qualification is broken down into 4 pathways depending on the specialism of the engineer.

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Legionella Risk Assessor Qualification Route

Aimed at Legionella risk assessors of all types there are 3 pathways within the Legionella risk assessment qualification. Pathways include common modules providing an understanding of Legionella, water microbiology and the legal requirements with regards to compliance. There is a common element which covers Legionella risk assessment and introduces the delegate to reporting, record keeping and the legal requirements of a risk assessment.

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Further Information:

  • WMSoc will provide a rounded curriculum to meet the needs of various job roles within the water industry. The qualification will give additional confirmation of understanding of the given job role.
  • As part of the qualification a separate certificate will be issued along with the use of WMSoc Cert in personal and professional communications, and the provision of a WMSoc Cert logo and digital badge for personal use.
  • All qualified students will be listed on the WMSoc website for 36 months, and this can be used with customers to demonstrate knowledge.

To complete each of the pathways the candidate must attend a tutor led Q&A session where elements of the various courses making up the pathway can be discussed and student’s questions answered by a highly knowledgeable tutor. The afternoon will then consist of the final 2 hour exam touching on points covered in all of the training building up to the qualification. For some pathways part of this exam may include a practical element.

Based around our existing training courses, our offering has been reviewed and updated to meet the needs of various job types within the industry. Identifying gaps and providing solutions to give a rounded qualification, these pathways will ensure that students end with all the relevant knowledge necessary to complete their job effectively.

The names of all people achieving the WMSoc Cert will be freely publicised on our website and via our Waterline publication for a period of 3 years. In addition all successful students will receive a digital badge and certificate which they can use to demonstrate their additional knowledge to their customers.

Yes, you can qualify for as many pathways as you wish. In order to qualify for multiple pathways within the same section you would need to take any additional courses identified in the pathway maps, and take the additional wash-up and exam session.

If you have already taken WMSoc courses (or equivalent) in the past 3 years and passed the exams you will be eligible for the qualification. Simply enrol for the qualification and take any additional modules not already covered. On successful completion of the final exam session module you will be awarded the qualification and added to the website in the same way as any other student.

Not sure if our WMS Cert Pathways are right for you?

We have a wide variety of online and classroom courses available for you to take if our WMS Cert Pathways aren’t for you. Our courses cover all aspects of Water Management and Legionella training, including Cleaning and Disinfection of Water and Cooling Systems, Legionella Risk Assessment, and HTM 04-01 Water Hygiene Training, which covers pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. You can take our online courses in the comfort of your own home or office. After successful completion of our online Courses, you’ll receive a CPD certificate of attendance, our classroom courses deliver a City & Guilds number and certificate indicating the grade of pass obtained.

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