Terms & Conditions

Logo usage

No person or company may use the Water Management Society logo on company literature, vehicles, websites or any promotional material. Members are provided with letters of designation which may be used on personal literature only. Group membership does not entitle the company, or nominees, to use any such letters of designation, nor does it entitle the company to use the WMSoc logo in any instance.

The Water Management Society does not endorse the work or products of any of its members’ companies. Membership is strictly personal and is intended for career development within the water industry.

Technical advice

The WMSoc endeavours to provide technical responses to questions received from members in a timely fashion, however this provision is not a business critical hotline. Such questions, provided via email, will be reviewed and a response provided within 1 week, however particularly complex or unusual questions may require more time. It should be noted that our technical committee is comprised of volunteers who provide this service in addition to their paid employment. All replies are supplied in good faith in response to the original message, the WMSoc cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding or subsequent misapplication of this information.