Colin Shekleton

A mechanical building services engineer by initial training, Colin started his career involved in the design and installation of mechanical building services at the Royal Parks and Palaces, later moving into air ventilation design before moving and expanding into water hygiene consultancy some 23 years ago. For the past 22 years he has been carrying out risk assessments, audits, written schemes, policy production and providing technical support at a wide variety of sites and properties from healthcare to factories to offices to educational facilities to sports venues to museums. During the past 17 years has also put together and delivered City & Guilds accredited training courses for end-users in water hygiene and Legionella awareness etc.

Colin joined the WMSoc council circa 11 years ago and was honoured to do a two-year stint as the Chairman of the WMSoc between 2016 and 2018. 

Colin is a Director and Fellow of the WMSoc, a member of the technical committee, membership committee and is currently the Training & Accreditation Committee Chair.  He has previously represented the Water Management Society on the LCA Management Committee, but now conducts audits as an LCA assessor, and works as an independent water and air hygiene consultant.

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Colin Shekleton

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