Ian Wall

Since obtaining a degree in Chemistry at university, Ian has worked within the water treatment/water hygiene industry for over 33 years. Starting his career as a Service Chemist, within some of the renowned and larger water treatment organisations and culminating in being the Owner/Director of his own water treatment company (Eaton Environmental Services Ltd). Ultimately employing over 50 people and with well over 300 customers, servicing a wide range of industries. During this time, Ian always had a hands-on involvement in almost all aspects of industrial water treatment and water hygiene. This has gained him both a technical understanding and the practical knowledge connected with almost all aspects of water treatment, encompassing L8 and all three parts of HSG 274.

Ian is a senior member of the Water Management Society and within his previous roles he has been integrally involved in training, comprising most topics within water treatment and water hygiene. This has been for both in house staff and end users and has always been an aspect of his job he very much enjoyed. 

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Ian Wall

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