WMSoc Training Courses - Water Treatment Chemistry Foundation - W252


City & Guilds accredited

ONE-DAY COURSE:  9.15am ? 5pm

Lunch and refreshments provided

Printed delegate materials provided



This is a course designed for people who have no formal chemistry background, and/or are at the beginning of their career in chemical treatment of water systems.  Also suitable for personnel who have some knowledge of basic, or specifically water treatment chemistry, but would like a refresher/foundation on the chemistry that underpins the correct treatment of water. The course will focus on the basic chemistry that supports the treatment of water systems.


This course will not specifically train in the chemistry connected within individual water systems (e.g. Cooling Towers, Steam Boilers, Closed Heating/Chilled Systems, and Hot & Cold Water Systems), but will provide the foundation required to go on and learn specifically about chemical treatment of these systems, which is covered in our further courses.



It would be beneficial, and make the understanding of the course material easier, if you have spent some time in-field with more experienced personnel, carrying out water chemistry testing on a variety of systems, but this is not essential.



  • To give delegates the fundamental chemical knowledge they need to underpin the requirements of testing and interpreting water systems chemical testing regimes.
  • To prepare students for further study in the chemical treatment of water systems. 



  • States of Matter
  • What happens when you heat water
  • Physical and chemical properties of water
  • Atoms, elements and chemical bonding
  • Hydrogen bonding in water and it implications
  • Introduction to the chemistry relating to the management of water.
  • Why we use water in industrial and commercial systems.
  • The problems associated with water within these water systems
  •          Scale, Corrosion, Microbiological Fouling and Suspended Solids
  • Potential strategies for solution to these problems



60 minute written exam with 70% pass mark. A resit is possible for anyone failing the exam for an additional fee.

6 CPD points awarded.

Electronic certificates will be sent directly to successful candidates to the email address we hold on file.

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This course was previously listed as W013 Foundation course in water treatment chemistry.

This course forms part of the Water Treatment qualification route and is common to all 4 pathways for that qualification.



W253 Steam Boiler Water Chemistry Foundation

W255 Evaporative Cooling Water Chemistry Foundation

W256 Evaporative Cooling Water Chemistry Advanced

W262 Management & Control of Closed Hot, Cold & Chilled Water Systems

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