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Guide to Legionella Risk Assessment W043 - Issue 5 - September 2019

It is now over ten years since the first Guide to Risk Assessment was published by the Technical Committee of the Water Management Society. Since that time, members of the Technical Committee have collectively undertaken numerous risk assessment surveys across a wide range of buildings and water systems. Their accumulated knowledge together with additional input from the Health & Safety Executive has been utilised in this revision of the Guidance. The Legionella Control Association committee has studied the training requirements for Service Providers. Inspection of the LCA matrix for training indicates that nothing short of the complete spectrum of modules that are listed will prove sufficient for the high standards expected in the current times.

The revised Guidance not only encompasses updated site survey details but has been considerably expanded to cover additional items such as record keeping, written control schemes, schematic drawings and risk statement summaries. If you are involved in risk assessments of building water systems this revised Guidance is an essential tool that you should consult at every stage - but remember, it is GUIDANCE - it does not ultimately dictate how you must conduct your own individual assessments. 


  • comprehensive assessment survey forms
  • loose leaf presentation with durable cover
  • no commercial bias
  • covers all water services under seven headings
  • easy to complete forms giving comprehensive information relating to business services
  • compatible with WMS Site Log Book for Water Services


RECENTLY UPDATED TO: Issue 5 - September 2019

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