WMSoc Training Courses - Boiler Water Chemistry Part 1 - W16B



City & Guilds accredited
ONE-DAY COURSE: 9am - 5pm
Lunch and refreshments provided

Printed delegate materials provided

People who wish to learn about the reasons for boiler water treatment and the chemical controls, recent entrants into the industry, people redefining their jobs, and those requiring a refresher course.
This course gives a broad overview of water treatment.
NB: Delegates with no chemistry background, and those who require refresher training in secondary school chemistry, should complete W013 Foundation Course in Water Treatment Chemistry before attending this course.
This course is designed to:
  • Give delegates a firm background in the objectives and control of water treatment of steam boilers.
  • Explain the functioning of base-exchange softeners and where/why they are needed.
  • Consider the control of fire tube boiler systems. 
Introduction to the following:
  • Basic Water Chemistry in relation to steam production
  • Understanding of chemistry of important parameters in steam boiler control
  • Objectives of boiler water treatment
  • Base-exchange softening of raw water to produce water suitable for boiler make-up
  • Operational problems associated with base-exchange softeners
  • Thermal reduction of oxygen in boiler feed-water
  • Review of the chemistry and requirements of internal treatment programmes for fire tube steam boilers and control of blowdown
  • Methods available for treatment of condensate
  • Boiler water service reports - customer expectations and service provider services/requirements
Delegates only need to have secondary school knowledge of chemistry to attend this course.  Those who have never had this (or have forgotten it) should attend the foundation course (W013) as preparation. 
60 minute written exam with 70% pass mark. A resit is possible for anyone failing the exam for an additional fee.
6 CPD points awarded.

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The Water Management Society
6 Sir Robert Peel Mill
B78 3QD
United Kingdom

Room: Training Room 1

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