WMSoc Training Courses - Cooling & Boiler Water Chemistry Part 1 - W016


City & Guilds accredited
ONE-DAY COURSE: 9am - 5pm
Lunch and refreshments provided
Recent entrants into the industry, people redefining their jobs, and those requiring a refresher course.
This course gives a broad overview of water treatment.
NB: Delegates with no chemistry background, and those who require refresher training in secondary school chemistry, should complete W013 Foundation Course in Water Treatment Chemistry before attending this course.
This course is designed to give delegates a firm background in the objectives and control of water treatment of cooling systems and steam boilers. It explains how pre-treatment plants function and also considers the control of these systems. 
Introduction to the following:
  • Basic Water Chemistry.
  • Base exchange softening and other methods of external treatment used to produce make-up water suitable for boiler and/ or cooling systems if applicable.
  • Deaeration of boiler feed-water.
  • Review of internal treatment programmes for boiler water and control of blowdown.
  • Methods available for treatment of condensate.
  • Factors affecting concentration of open recirculating cooling water.
  • Cooling water treatment programmes to control scale, corrosion and sludge in cooling systems.
  • Methods of controlling microbiological growth - slime etc. in cooling water.
60 minute written exam.
6 CPD points awarded.


The Water Management Society
6 Sir Robert Peel Mill
B78 3QD
United Kingdom

Room: Training Room 1

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