David Bebbington


David is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist, and Fellow of the Water Management Society. Working full time in the water treatment industry since the seventies, he is now retired, but is still very active within the Water Management Society. He acts as lead tutor on many of the WMSoc training courses and has been involved in this role for many years.

He is a former Chairman of the WMSoc, an active member of both the Technical Committee and the Training and Accreditation Committee.

The WMSoc produces a range of Guides and Codes, which David has had involvement in, including most of the 'Other Systems' Guidance documents which are freely available to members as downloads from the WMSoc website. These include: the updated Guide to Legionella Risk Assessment; the WMSoc position statement on competence; the recent update of the Code of Practice for Cooling Water Treatment (working with Alan Edwards and Philip Chown).

Recently David has driven the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Scheme for members and produced the 'CPD Road Map' to help members follow the scheme. It is this work that keeps him fully up to date with present trends in the industry.

Because David has no other commercial interests, he presents in a totally unbiased manner and ensures that WMSoc courses remain independent.

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David Bebbington

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