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Groundwater Quality - Royal Society of Chemistry Conference, London, 15/03/19

Groundwater Quality:

- Public & private water supplies


Royal Society of Chemistry Conference

Burlington House, London W1J 0BA

15 March 2019



Groundwater is a vital source of water for public supply, agriculture and industry in the U.K. It is also the source for one million people in the U.K. served by private water supplies (PWS) where the main municipal water supply system connection is not practical, or where PWS is the preferred option. In the past a major attraction of using groundwater was that it required little or no treatment, but this is increasingly no longer the case and groundwater quality has deteriorated significantly over the last few decades. Groundwater contamination results from a variety of human activities, as well as natural sources. The increase in demand for water, climate change and pressures on land use has put greater pressure on supplies, with potential impact on water quality and sustainability. Improved monitoring has also raised concern over emerging chemical contaminants leading to more stringent regulatory standards being introduced. This conference will bring various stakeholders together to review the risks, monitoring and evolving regulatory needs, along with technology and strategies necessary for mitigation and remediation.



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